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$20 off Remote Start + Full Vehicle Window Tint

$20 off any Two Remote Start

*Only redeemable at time of purchase*



Add a security system to any vehicle if you are worried about leaving your vehicle unattended or if you just invested good money into a great audio setup!


Prices starting at $259* for a 1-way security system with key-less entry.

Prices starting at $219* for a 1-way keyless entry system. Upgrade to power door locks starting at $109* per door.


Factory stereo looks and sounds great, but doesn't have Bluetooth or aux input? Give us a call and we will change that for you!


*Prices depend on specific vehicle and factory installed vehicle options*

Call for vehicle specific pricing.

Install Specials, Current Deals, and New Great Products

Featured Promotion

Directed Electronics Remote Starter

Remote Car Starter Special

$359.99 installedwith parts and module for most vehicles*

Call us to confirm the price for your specific vehicle


-One button remote car starter

-Small design and Simple to use

-Two 1-way remotes with one year limited warranty

-Up to 1500ft of range (Factory remotes are ~300ft at the most)

-Limited Lifetime manufacturers warranty on Remote start unit

-Auto Image Lifetime Labor warranty

-Auto Image Professional installation(2-3 hours estimated time)

-Remote start Run time set at 20 minutes

-Rear defroster auto-turn-on with remote start: additional $20

-DOES NOT VOID any Dealership warranties

Price starts at $329.99** extra parts and modules are vehicle specific

**All vehicles will need extra parts to properly work with your specific vehicle.

**All vehicles 2000 and up will require additional parts and possibly an additional Databus interface module and installation to allow the remote start to start the vehicle, integrate with computer and data systems, and properly integrate with your current factory security**

Give us a call or stop in to see what extra parts are required to add a remote start to your specific year and model vehicle

Gift Certificates available

Featured Products

10.1" Headrest Monitors with Built-In DVD Player

Panther 9" Headrest monitors

  • OEM Headrest Bracket Mount DVD Player

  • Rear Loading DVD Player

  • MHL MobileLink Input

  • 32GB USB & SD Card Readers for MP4 Playback

  • Single Channel Wireless IR Transmitter

  • FM Stereo Transmitter for Easy OEM Integration

  • AUX A/V Input

  • RCA A/V Input

  • RCA A/V Output

  • 5mm Hardwired Headphone Output Jack

  • 75”-8.25’ Pole Width Adjustment

  • NTSC / PAL Auto Selection

  • 800 x 480 16:9 Widescreen Resolution

  • 400 NIT Screen Brightness

Directed SmartStart

Use your android, iPhone, Apple Watch, Smartwatch, or blackberry phone to remote start, locate, and control your vehicle from virtually anywhere!

If you already have a Directed remote start(Viper,Clifford,Python,Avital) then all you need is the Smart Start module. If you don't have a remote start you can get a standalone remote start with the Smart Start or you can choose a remote package to go with everything.

Prices start at $299.99 for the add-on and $529.99 for the all-in-one starter and Smart Start.

Pioneer and Kenwood multimedia radios with Apple Carplay and Android Auto

Come check out our in-store demo unit. Simply plug in your Android phone or Apple iPhone to see the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in action. Full screen navigation direct from your phone!

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