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Video and Safety Integration Products and Add-ons

Front, Rear, and Side view Cameras - Dash Cameras and DVR

Camera systems are a great way to see whats going on around you. We sell a variety of different cameras. Some are vehicle specific and others universal. Vehicle specific cameras can replace truck tailgate handles, vehicle license plate lights, trunk handles, and more to give that factory installed look. There are Front cameras and side-view cameras available as well.

Certain vehicles that already have a radio with a screen might be compatible to add a camera and have it show up on the monitor when put into reverse. If you already have a rear camera and want a front camera to go with it that is also possible. Contact us to see if your vehicle or radio is compatible.

If you do not have a compatible aftermarket or factory screen we can replace the rear view mirror with a mirror that has the monitor built-in. We have monitors that can be custom mounted or even mounted to the windshield via suction cup.

Dash cameras are a valuable investment both for recording events when parked and while driving to record accidents. There are many different models to choose from depending on your budget and overall goal. These are also great if you drive for Lyft or Uber to record the passengers as well as the road ahead.

Flip down Monitors - Headrest Monitors - Visor Monitors

Video monitors installed into the headliner or front headrests are a great way to add rear seat entertainment especially for those long trips.

Like rear view cameras, headrest monitors can be ordered vehicle specific to keep the factory look and functionality.

If you have a sunroof we can still add a flip down monitor in most situations.

Both flip down monitors and headrest monitors come in multiple styles and brands. A DVD player can come built-in to the units or we can install a DVD player separately if the vehicle does not currently have a video source.

Parking Sensors

Parking sensors can be added to just about any vehicle to help with backing up or parallel parking.

These parking sensor kits come with a distance monitor and speaker. The sensors come in a few different colors to match your vehicle.

Similar to a factory installed option the speaker will beep and become more frequent as you get closer to an object.

The distance monitor will show you how close in feet you are getting along with colored bars in red, yellow, and green.

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